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Elevate Your Experience with Our Tailored Services

Welcome to Mooni, where we blend quality, innovation, and customization to meet your every need.
Our dedication to excellence shines through our three core services: Retail, Wholesale, and Private Labeling.
Each service is designed with you in mind, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience, no matter your goal.

Retail Service

A World of Excellence at Your Fingertips

Since 1981, Mooni has celebrated tradition and craftsmanship. We proudly present handmade Lebanese products. Each piece is crafted with age-old methods to preserve tradition. Thus, our olive oils, olives, jams, thyme, sumac, and Labneh carry Lebanese heritage.

At Mooni, authenticity and quality are key for unforgettable food experiences. Our retail selections are top-notch, delivering Lebanon's rich flavors to you. Whether you're a fan or new to Lebanese cuisine, our Retail service connects you to Lebanon's lively food culture. Discover the love and craftsmanship in every handmade item.

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Wholesale Service

Elevating Your Business Together

At Mooni, our Wholesale service reaches far and wide. We serve local shops in Lebanon and the UAE and even ship globally. Our mission is to meet the varied needs of eateries, hotels, and stores with our high-quality Lebanese treats. But we're more than suppliers; we aim to forge strong partnerships.

Such partnerships aim to boost your business and add variety with our genuine flavors. As your dependable wholesale partner, Mooni ensures smooth transactions from order to delivery. We value quality, value, and satisfaction highly, making us the ideal choice for those seeking the best.

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Private Labeling

Craft Your Brand's Signature

Since 1981, Mooni has been a leader in Private Label services, committed to quality and tradition. This unique service, available only in Lebanon, enables customers to launch their own Lebanese food brands, leveraging our extensive experience and production expertise. Our private label selection is vast, offering everything from olive oil and olives to pickles, jams, thyme, sumac, and Labneh, meeting a wide range of tastes.

Moreover, our Private Label service is adaptable and welcoming, allowing for customization to fit your brand's identity. Partnering with Mooni means tapping into decades of knowledge and a dedication to quality, emphasizing our support for your success. Whether you're starting up or looking to expand your established brand, our service opens the door to creating high-quality, authentic Lebanese products that will surely resonate with your audience.

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