About us

Shaping our Future

Mooni, a Lebanese company established in 2020, is dedicated to sustainable and local trade in the food industry. With roots dating back to 1981, we are particularly renowned for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our village of Hasbaya.
We are passionate about delivering fresh, handmade, and enduring products.
Our commitment lies in offering consumers the distinctive taste of Lebanese land in the UAE.

Our Name

“Mouneh,” derived from the Arabic word “Mana,” encapsulates the Lebanese practice of preserving food. This culinary tradition, integral to our heritage, has transformed over time, shaped by creativity and cultural influences.
This evolution fosters a space for experimentation and innovation, driven by the goal of organically preserving nature’s bounty while bolstering local food production.

Our Logo

The logo concept embodies the squirrel’s seasonal hoarding behavior, reflecting Mooni’s dedication to carefully gathering and storing seasonal produce to maintain their fresh, homey, and natural essence. Much like squirrels create their pantries, we emulate this by sourcing wholesome, earthy ingredients from local farms, aiming to infuse the warmth of home into your pantry and curate an unparalleled culinary journey for your family.

Why Choose Us?

Heritage-infused Quality

Our products embody the rich
legacy of Lebanese heritage,
meticulously crafted to ensure
authenticity and excellence.

Sustainability at Heart

We're committed to sustainable
practices, offering goods that
support local communities and
minimize environmental impact.

Diverse and Distinctive

Explore a wide range of offerings
tailored to diverse tastes, each
reflecting the unique flavors of

Empowering Communities

Choosing us boosts community
ethos supports local farmers and
women, and enhances social

Uncompromising Excellence

Experience premium quality
that's handcrafted with care,
promising an unparalleled taste
and satisfaction.